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If you are moving to France from the UK, or moving to the UK from France, or hold property in either country, you may find that you need assistance with tax reporting requirements in one or both countries.

Typically, advisors in either jurisdiction may overlook the possible tax consequences of transactions in the country in which they do not typically operate. This can lead to problems for clients many years later. At Dunne & Waterman, we are able to consider the position in both the UK and France and advise on double tax relief to ensure that you are not taxed twice on the same income or gains.

We can deal with the following:

Tax on property income and gains by individuals in the UK and France

  • UK tax returns for UK residents owning a let property in France.

French tax returns for individuals

  • French tax returns for those who own a let property in France or who are French resident with a let property in the UK.

Wealth tax in France and wealth tax returns

  • Wealth tax returns and simulations.
  • Residency issues and double tax treaty matters

Trust tax returns (forms TR1 and TR2)

In addition, many trustees are not necessarily aware that they may have reporting requirments in France if the settlor or a beneficiary is French resident, or the trust holds French property. We are able to complete the relevant French tax forms for you and advise on your particular position.

We work closely with other advisors both in the UK and in France who are familiar with the issues involved.


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